Shit, it’s been a while

I had a major writer block, the type I could only write about feelings and confusing nights.

Today we start with Iviva Olenick









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Look of the day


From the movie 2 days in Paris.

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(pictures from Tumblr)

Hey guys! Sorry for being away for a while, college is taking more time than I thought it would. Because I got so overwhelmed with school and my life, that keeps fucking me over, all I wanted was some good nature time. I live in Florida, no mountains and I’m not a big beach person soooo I settled with some pictures and the hope that soon I can go away for a little bit.

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Emmy Awards




The only thing that was good about the Emmy. I L-O-V-E tv, anyone that knows me, even a little, knows that out of 10 words I say at least 3 is quoting some comedy or imitating Lucille Bluth but the Emmy’s is just depressing. When the guy from Two and a Half Men won best comedy actor I lost all the respect I had for that awarding ceremony. Louis CK, on the other hand…ALL THE AWARDS!

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Film day

(before tropical storm)

(during tropical storm)

Pictures of mid August till now randomly taken with my film camera.


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17 facts about being a 20-something

(Hillary Clinton in her twenties)

1- You are taking psychology 101 and already think that you should change your accounting major to clinical psychology

2- You catch yourself referring to high school as “the glory days”

3- You change your definition of your “dream job” more times than you change your underwear

4- Your time for meditation is only in the shower

5- You think you are being cheated by life many times a day

6- You start teaching yourself Chinese, and Italian

7- You write the first half of a novel. Several novels

8- You start to write an autobiography

9- You date a guy with a mustache or if you are a guy, a girl with more facial hair than you

10- You create a LinkedIn profile

11- While watching Girls you decide that Lena Dunham is a long lost sister or something. Or God.

12- You deactivate and reactivate your Facebook page as a result of yo-yoing between being a recluse and homecoming queen.

13- You consider taking the LSAT. And MCAT.

14- You start to have panic attacks because, at this rate, you won’t be mention in any history books.

15- You start to think that you are a tortured artist because your Instagram pictures get so many likes that you are definitely an unappreciated photographer.

16- You could put “putting make up while drunk” as a special skill on your resume.

17- You have more unmet expectations because you spend large chunks of time dreaming about an utopic, perfect world where you have the perfect job and future.


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Look of the day


Since fashion blogs gets more attention than any other blog on this amazing world that is the internet, I decided to give in and make some space to the narcissistic fashionista that is inside all of us. When some old bearded philosopher once said: “if you can’t beat the opposition, join them”, besides predicting the future when good scholars will have their own reality show, I think who ever said that inspire me to join the fashion blogosphere.

After long hours of research, I found that an essential part of a fashion blog is the part where the writers take pictures of themselves wearing their own clothes, so here is my collaboration and attempt to gain more fashion-forward followers: “Look Of The Day”.

Today the Look Of The Day is from 1992 and the inspiration for this look was “navy”.

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